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Great for events and conferences.

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The Virtual Handshake


Elevator Pitch gives you the unique opportunity to match up with the right business contacts wherever you are.

Share interests

Share interests

You are only one Swipe from pitching new business contacts. When the contact accepts your pitch, you are connected and ready to share business interests.

Share interests


Meet new business contacts where you are – at a conference, between meetings, in the airport or at the hotel.

Share interests

Location based

Set the range preference to find people in your area or use the built-in barcode scanner to isolate you with other people at conferences, exhibitions and other events.

Share interests


Expand your network easily when participating at conferences and events. Find the other participants and connect with them on the spot.

Easy to use


Swipe up to pitch

With only one swipe you are closer to do new business.


Instant messaging

Take action by communicating instantly after matching up with your new business contacts.


Nearby you

Set the range preferences to find people in your area.


Use LinkedIn account

Use your LinkedIn account to log in and have your Elevator Pitch business card set up automatically.

Great benefits for events and conferences


Give added value to participants of conferences and events by facilitating their networking in a simple and fast way. The participants will save time searching for new contacts. Elevator Pitch automatically creates a list of participants when the particpant scans the event barcode.

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